Why Bonnot is #1 Globally for Catalyst Extrusion

It’s no secret that Bonnot has been around a long time. We’re so old, in fact, that we don’t have Articles of Incorporation — they weren’t necessary in 1891. But what most people don’t know is that we started out making machines to process clay. By the early 20th century we transitioned to brick machines, paving roads for cities across the US, and eventually to the wide catalog of extrusion equipment and machines we’re known for around the world today.


The Toughness and Versatility of Bonnot Catalyst Extruders

Bonnot Catalyst Extruders are the industry standard for catalyst processing. Every part of the design is optimally configured for processing abrasive catalyst materials. We choose construction materials that are proprietary to Bonnot and made to last, our engineering enhancements make wearing parts quick and easy to replace. The Bonnot Company revolutionized the Twin Packer design that aids with material ingestion by reducing bridging in the feed hopper. When properly maintained, our catalyst extruders will run for decades.


  • Suitable for ceramics, metals and other catalytic materials
  • Designed to endure the toughest material processing
  • Easy to operate and cost-effective to maintain
  • Utilized by the world’s largest catalyst producers
  • Available with tried and tested trilobe, quadrilobe andcustom catalyst dies

Remember, we’ll always give you proof that your catalyst extruder machine works by allowing you to see it in action in our Test Facility. We have plenty of “tools in the tool bag” to design and manufacture an extruder for catalyst preparation ideally suited for your needs — and your bottom line. Check out one of our pelletizing catalyst extruders in action!

The Bonnot Company – Lab Extruder, Pelletizing Extruder, Rotary Cutter (How To Operate an Extruder)

Features and Benefits

  • Twin Packer Design for easy material ingestion
  • Optimal processing with pin and grooved barrel design and interrupted flight auger
  • Proprietary stellite hardening process on screw periphery for extended life
  • Proprietary stainless steel high-wear replaceable barrel liners
  • Stainless steel contact components
  • 高扭矩电动机
  • Hollow auger & jacketed barrel for temperature control of the catalyst extrusion process
  • 钻材料hard-to-process雨刷
  • Customer-specified motors and control systems


  • Abrasives
  • DeNOx Catalyst
  • Gels
  • High Aluminas
  • Kaolin Carriers
  • Molecular Sieves
  • Viscous Substances
  • Zeolite

Restore Your Catalyst Extruder with the Bonnot Rebuild Program

The Bonnot Rebuild Program was developed over a decade ago to assist our customer with a cost-effective and industry-leading service that provides rebuilding and replacement options for consumable parts. The program ensures that you always have spare parts on your shelf, because Bonnot stocks these parts for you, ready to go whenever they’re needed. You ship us your worn parts, and we’ll send you new or manufacturer-certified rebuilt parts — ready for use the moment they come out of the packaging.

Equip Your Facility with a Laboratory Catalyst Extruder from Bonnot

Bonnot catalyst extruders are engineered to meet and exceed your expectations, so we have no doubt that adding one to your facility will result in reliable production scheduling and uniform products. Learn more aboutcatalyst production applicationsin which our extrusion equipment thrives — and why a custom solution is necessary for desirablecatalyst properties.

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